Way of the Scholar is a lifestyle blog focused on personal development. This blog, modeled after my own pursuit of personal education, is meant to provide people like me with relevant and applicable information which will enable them to develop productive skill-sets for both their work and personal lives. The focus of this blog is not to train anyone in market-specific skills, like small-business accounting or underwater welding, but rather as a handbook for general life skills – skills which we’ve all heard of before, but, if you’re like me, may have been lost to us in our upbringing. It’s my personal mission to identify, understand, and simplify these skills, so that others like me will have a guide to follow when they have no one to ask.

Adults in the modern era need to know certain skills in order to succeed. Professional skills like handling a job interview, organizing your schedule, and making a budget are all necessary, and yet not everyone has the luxury of learning these skills before they set off on their own. Additionally, interpersonal skills such as living with roommates, settling disagreements, or understanding and handling your own emotions are also important life skills which are not necessarily taught or even covered in most schools. After leaving high school and entering the adult world, many feel that they were never adequately taught what to do, or even how to act. For many young adults, there can appear to be a vast chasm between the where we are, and where we wish to be, without any way across.

The goal of Way of the Scholar is to provide readers with the tools they need to bridge the gap.

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